Food und Biohacking mit Kristijan Tkalec / BioTehna

During the workshop we’ll learn what tempeh is and from where it originates. We’ll see how you can make one, but with a small localization aspect. We’ll use peanuts instead of soybeans and microorganisms that were made in BioTehna, Slovenia. The point of this workshop will be the self-making of everything, the incubator, the culture for tempeh and the tempeh. While waiting for the tempeh, we’ll start with the most used fermentation in the world – alcohol production. We’ll see what fermentation is and for what is used and try to do some vodka style beverage in one day.

Kristijan Tkalec

Kristijan Tkalec is a biotechnologist and a head of BioTehna, small bio-hacking lab from Ljubljana, Slovenia and a co funder od Academy for the curious. He’s developing workshops for kids, youngsters and young adults.