Food und Biohacking mit Pei-Wen Liu / little-object

Hands on to the interplay of time and temperature, prepare the ground for some bacteria to do the work, we make Kimchi. Nowadays, Kimchi is a very popular form of fermented pickle in Asian societies. In the western world, Kimchi is commonly referring to “baechu kimchi – napa cabbage pickle” in Korean.

The intricacy of the flavour of Kimchi is made with the energetic act of good bacteria (meaning that we human like it). Fermented foods are the everyday diy bio art which have been practicing in many different cultures in the world. The rather modern red form of Korean Kimchi which processed with large amount of chili flake only came about some 500 years ago when chili first traded to Korea. Traditionally, Kimchi is prepared in late Autumn for the hardship of coming winter. In this open workshop, anyone, the participants are invited to join the making of Kimchi with some forms of experimentations on one’s own risk (!! we promote the idea that no food shall be wasted). We can use fruits and vegetables mainly but not only come from the Tropicals. As a comment to the ever evolving new world; of our civilization is adopted, and has created upon. To eliminating the boarders of season, location, social pattern and emotion, we make Tropical Kimchi in Bern.

The result of our comment in action is not yet a critical remark for noting what is right or wrong dualistically. Instead, we wait, two or more days depending on the temperature where you will store the kimchi, until the kimchi is fermented* and ready for taste**.

* During the fermentation process, Lactobacillus also help the cabbage to develop a delicious flavor known as 旨味 Umami in Japanese or 鮮味 XianWei in Chinese.

** Please tell ckster how your kimchi is developed after you taste it a few days later, send us a photo with a note !! (mailto: )

Pei-Wen Liu

Pei is an artist blending the artefacts of nature and culture, with a particular interest in soundscape and the making of it. She has been part of the Hackteria network, coordinating art | tech | sci workshop and festival. Since 2012, She began to experiment the making of HomeMade Kimchi and not without failures and explosions.

As a sound artist, her artistic praxis of music making involves digital modulation and feld-recording, ofen performs improvisationally soundscape and have composed for installation, theatre, contemporary dance and animation. Her current focal points are experimenting with interchangeable vocabulary between sound and visual art, aiming in materialising the immateriality.