Institute of Experimental Design and Media Culture

Mobile, networked, multi-sensory systems and technologies with open and modular interfaces are about to change our established concept of technical extensions for humans. Thus, it will not be on the level of prosthesis or implants that humans are connected with machines, but rather on the level of wearable sensors and intelligent environments, which make interfaces disappear and allow “unmediated” contact between the human user and the technological systems.

Departing from a notion of holistic bodily experience and media developed in current phenomenological approaches, we want to examine the affective human perception in a mediated responsive environment. By this, we aim to explore the connecting area between the human body and a sensitive environment that feels like it connects to the body as a “second skin”.

Andreas Simon (computer scientist) and Jan Torpus (media artist, are senior researchers and tutors at the Institute Experimental Design and Media Cultures ( at the Academy of Art and Design (HGK) of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Nortwestern Switzerland (FHNW). They develop design research and media art projects in the fields of affective interaction, immersive augmented reality, ubiquitous computing and biofeedback interfaces.